For Seniors

Healthy Aging for Seniors

We all know how physical activity has a positive effect on our quality of life, and as seniors it is even more paramount to maintain and improve our physical and mental wellbeing the best we can. Anyone can join – it takes no upper or lower limit of physical ability to exercise on the stations. The Norwell Outdoor Fitness equipment is for all people who want to enjoy natural exercise and training.

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Air Walker

To walk on air is probably the greatest feeling of freedom you can have. Norwell’s Air Walker gives you the full experience of a brisk walk without the strain.


The Leg fits all when it comes to building up strength in your thighs, legs and calves.


The Cross station is a comfortable way of developing the leg and hip muscles, while simultaneously improving your cardiovascular endurance.


The Twister has two individual platforms, one you stand on and one you sit on, using the curve as support. This station improves your balance andcoordination skills, combined with developing the muscles in the back.


The Chest is a seated chest press, using your own body weight as resistance in the training. This station improves the strength of your chest, front of shoulders and triceps.


The Back gives you an easy and efficient way to strengthen your back, and back of shoulders by using your own body weight as resistance in the training.


The Bench is full of possibilities for training your abdomen, back, arms and legs - and for resting comfortably.


The Norwell Sign shares information about the training concept and the Norwell Smartphone App, and gives a progressive signage to your Norwell Outdoor Fitness park. Customized graphic design on the sign is possible.


The Pingpong table offers a fun and very beneficial way to get fit.

In a playful and competitive activity, you train your coordination, movement and speed at the same time