For Special Needs


We design the Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations for all - from the ones challenged by physical limitations, to the rather fit and mobile. Developing our fitness stations, we have taken appropriate reach ranges and levels of challange into account, and given careful consideration to the unique reuirements of users with varying levels of abilities. Our R&D team is in an ongoing process of developing special solutions for people with disabilities. Here you can see some of the work in progress:

Chest Builder

The Chest Builder is a chest press, improving the strength of chest, front of shoulders and triceps.

Back Builder

The Back Builder gives you an easy and efficient way to strengthen back, and back of shoulders by using your own body weight as resistance in the training.

Ultra Bar

The Ultra Bar strengthens your chest, triceps, core and the front of your shoulders in the most simple and efficient way.

Hand Cycle

The Hand Cycle trains upper body strength and improves cardiovascular function. Exercising on the Hand Cycle works your upper body the same way a stationary bike works your legs.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi trains the muscles in your arms and shoulders. Working out on the Tai Chi improves the cardiovascular functions and increases the flexibility of upper body joints.