The Environment

Our Values


Here at Norwell Outdoor Fitness we love being outside exercising in nature. The nature is not only our workspace, but also our life, and it is therefore important for us to help preserve it. This is not only for us now, but also so our children can grow up in a safe, healthy and green world. We will therefore always aim at developing in a sustainable manner.


We wish to promote the idea of exercising outside, as it removes the negative energy consuming impacts on the environment of exercising indoors. Some of the advantages, for example, are that all our outdoor fitness equipment is powered by human energy, and all our gyms are powered by the sun and nature. This has no negative impact on the environment and is therefore truly sustainable fitness!


As a company we take care of reducing our impact on the environment whereby all our equipment is made of steel, which is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled an infinite amount of times. We furthermore manufacture products of the highest quality, which will extend the product's life span. We will constantly evaluate how to reduce any negative impact on the environment in all our material choices.


Working with sustainability in mind pervades our daily work, where we keep challenging ourselves to find new ways to decrease waste and energy consumption both around the workshop and office. These activities include such as going as paperless as possible, printing double-sided, activate stand/sleep setting on computers, power down electronics when not in use, using energy efficient lighting bulbs, recycling waste and much more.


Here at Norwell Outdoor Fitness we believe in acting responsibly and hence chosen to align our business practices accordingly. Improving our practices to lower any negative impact on the world is an ever-going task, and we will continuously seek to improve our business in each of these fields: Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. We of course expect all our partners to comply with our Code of Conduct. Currently our Code of Conduct consists of five principles that we expect suppliers and partners to fully comply in order to cooperate with us. Those being:

1. No Child Labor

Norwell Outdoor Fitness does not accept any use of child labor as part of the work force. This includes employing children below the age of 15 or younger than the legal minimum age in the given country.

2. No Forced Labor

Norwell Outdoor Fitness does not accept forced or involuntary labor at any supplier. This includes any work that is done against one’s will or choice.

3. No Discrimination

Norwell Outdoor Fitness does not accept to cooperate with businesses that practice discrimination at work based on race, religion, gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation.

4. No underpayment

Norwell Outdoor Fitness does not accept to cooperate with businesses that uses fines or penalties that lead to deduction in salary below minimums.

5. No Corruption

Norwell Outdoor Fitness does not accept any corruption, be it extortion, bribery or similar as part of business practices.

Our Code of Conduct is definitely a work in progress, as we gradually will expand and optimise, so we can keep improving the way we do business.