With a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park on the grounds of your schools and educational institutions, fun fitness comes into play – at its own initiative. To be healthy and active is more important now than ever before. Especially our kids and young adults need to be inspired to break away from an increasing sedentary lifestyle.

Our outdoor fitness guides make it very easy for teachers and pupils to engage in fun fitness, both in and out of classes. The guides inspire to exercise, and will be a valuable tool for improving the over all health of your pupils and students, and even increase their ability to concentrate and learn.

As equally useful and special tools, the Norwell Apps and the QR codes on each station invite to friendly competing, and give full instruction of use.

All our fitness stations use your own body weight as resistance and are challenging and effective regardless of fitness level. As a result, the exercises can be performed without risk of injuries.

The aesthetic Danish Design expressed in our fitness equipment is very appealing. The shape and colour combined create a highly transparent quality, which makes it suitable for any environment. The Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations are easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.